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Volunteer Descriptions

There are many volunteer opportunities during the season. By being a volunteer, you show support for our team and also have fun. Each family is required to work a minimum of three meets.

Below is an explanation of each volunteer position that we need to fill for every meet:

Assistant Clerk of Course – works with Clerk of Course to track and record any changes from the original swimmer assignments (scratches, substitutions, changes to heat or lane assignments)

Timers – There will be two timers per lane. Each group of timers is responsible for recording the swimmers’ time. Since half the lanes in the pool will be assigned to each team, the number of timers we must provide for each meet will equal the number of lanes in the pool. Our home pool has 4 lanes, but other pools we swim at may have 6-10 lanes.

Recorder – This official records the places in the main heat and submits the record to the official scoring table. We need one recorder for each home meet.

Heat Ribbon Distributors – These individuals hand out heat winner and participant ribbons to the swimmers who did not swim in the main heats. We need two volunteers for each home meet.

Ribbon Writers – These individuals take the place information from the scorer and record it onto the ribbons. We need two volunteers per home meet.

Runner – These volunteers watch the stroke and turn judges and deliver disqualification slips and main heat sheets to the scorers’ table. We need two volunteers for each swim meet.

Scorer – These volunteers are responsible for recording the swimmers’ times, placements, disqualifications and keeping a running tally of points per team.

Parent Supervisors/Kid Pushers – Involves chaperoning a specific age group at the meets and getting swimmers to the Clerk of Course when called. We need six - ten parent supervisors per meet.

Concession Sales – These volunteers staff the concession table during the home swim meets. The concession sales are a fundraiser for the team. We need 4-8 volunteers per home meet.

Parking Attendants- Volunteers help direct visitors and our families to appropriate parking lots and manage traffic control. 2-4 volunteers per home meet.

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