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Guidelines for Parents

The success of our program depends on cooperation and understanding among parents, coaches, and swimmers. Your swimmer’s improvement and enjoyment depends on these relationships working in harmony. Please keep these guidelines in mind and help your swimmer improve his/her abilities while having fun!

  • Please allow the coaches to coach!  Our practices run back to back, and the coaches have no time between one age group ending and the next group starting. Interrupting the coach during practice or a meet to discuss your swimmer takes the coach's attention away from other swimmers or meet events. If you must talk to the coach regarding your child, please contact the coach in advance to arrange a time to talk, or do so before or after all of the age groups have practiced, not during practice and especially not during a meet. If you have a problem, concern, or complaint, please contact one of your TSA reps, and refrain from complaining to other parents. 
  • The Coaches and only the Coaches decide lineups and swimmer positions for meets. Our coaches work together to establish the best strategy for our team to win each meet. This means that your swimmer might need to swim an event (MAIN) that is not a personal favorite or even strength but might allow our team to score more points based on our opponent’s strengths and weakness. We ask that you refrain from specifying what your swimmer is going to swim pertaining to main events and relays. So please allow our coaching staff to learn and develop meet strategies. We understand that sometimes a swimmer may need a little more time to develop confidence in a particular stroke and my ask to skip a specific stroke event heat. Coaches will work with the swimmers in this area.
  • Practice Issues - Problem Solving. Our swimmers will benefit if the coaches can run practices without interruptions. Some of our younger swimmers may easily become distracted by the presence of their parents, so be prepared to move a little farther away from the action if your child is constantly doing things that interrupt his or her focus on the team practice. Examples of this behavior include frequently leaving the pool to seek parental comforting, trying to draw mom or dad into the water to assist the child, or simply horsing around to seek attention. Please give the coaches the first opportunity to handle any such misbehavior; they will not hesitate to ask you for additional help if they need it.
  • LET’S HAVE FUN! Remember, DD Dolphins are part of a summer league, and as such we promote a relaxed, social environment for beginning as well as advanced swimmers. We provide many opportunities over the swim season for socializing and getting to know other parents and swimmers. We hope everyone will enjoy our summer swim team season.
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