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2022 Dutchman Downs Swim Team Registration

If you have not already done so, please LOG IN using your Swimtopia ID from last year.  If you've forgotten the password, please use the forgot password feature to reset your password.  Please do not create a new Swimtopia ID if you already had an account last year.  Logging in to your same account enables us to track swimmer history and prior year times, plus it saves you time in filling out the form! 

If you are new to the team this year and do not have an account from a prior year, or just need a refresher on using Swimtopia, refer to Swimtopia's How To Guides for Parents for helpful tips on Swimtopia's mobile app, account activation, registration and more.

Please complete all required fields to register your swimmer for the 2022 Dutchman Downs Dolphins swim season.

IMPORTANT: Please input swimmer's name as you wish for it to appear on ribbons and awards.  We will use the names for awards that are given at registration, so please indicate the swimmer's name exactly how you wish it to appear on the award.

Parent/Guardian Information
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  • At least one parent/guardian is required to volunteer.
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Practice Time Preference

For the first few weeks of the season, swim practice will be held in the afternoons only from May 16-June 9. Beginning June 13 through July 18, a morning practice will be offered. See the Practice Schedule on the website for tentative practice times. Please help us to gauge the participation in morning practice by indicating your preference of practice time from June 13-July 18. We will be using this data to schedule coaches and to determine how much morning practice time is needed, so we ask that you try to stick to the practice time preference that is indicated below if possible. It is ok if a swimmer needs to attend an alternate practice occasionally. Please answer below based on what you expect will be your swimmer's primary practice time. Beginning June 13: *

Pool Membership

We require that all families be members of the Dutchman Downs pool in good standing in order to join the swim team. Check the box to verify that you are a pool member in good standing and have paid the pool membership invoice in full for the 2022 season. 

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15 Yards Unassisted

All swimmers must be able to swim 15 yards unassisted to be on the team.    If your swimmer cannot meet this goal at this time, please do not register your child for swim team. Please reach out to the coaches for private swim lessons. If your child is able to meet this goal at a later point during the season, we can work with you to process a registration at a pro-rated mid-season rate. Please check the box to confirm that your swimmer is able to swim 15 yards unassisted.

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Consent and Release for Use of Photographs and Likeness

I hereby consent and grant Dutchman Downs the right to use and permit its affiliates to use the likeness and photographs for all swimmers I have registered in any and all media and through any and all means now or hereafter known or devised for informational purposes and for advertising and publicizing Dutchman Downs and the services of Dutchman Downs.  My electronic acceptance further waives and releases all rights to the use of the likeness or photographs of the swimmers I have registered set forth herein, and acknowledges and confirms that all such likenesses and photographs shall be the sole property of Dutchman Downs, free of all claims by the undersigned.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Dutchman Downs shall have the unlimited right to make other reproductions of the likeness and photographs by any present or future means or methods for the purpose set forth herein.

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Volunteer Requirement

We require at least 1 parent per family to volunteer for at least 3 volunteer points per season.  Note that every volunteer position will be assigned a point value.  Some positions will be assigned a 1/2 point value and others will be 1 point.  Each family must acquire 3 full volunteer points to satisfy the volunteer requirement for the season.  If the family volunteer requirement is not met for 2022, we will charge an additional $100 fee per family.  This is a conditional fee that will only be charged if the volunteer requirement is not fulfilled for the season.  By checking the box below, you agree that at least 1 member of your family will volunteer for at least 3 volunteer points for the season.  You also agree to pay the additional conditional fee if the family volunteer requirement is not met for the 2022 season. Note that this fee is NOT DUE AT THIS TIME and will NOT BE CHARGED at registration.  It will only be charged at the end of the season in the event the family has not met volunteer requirement.

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Health & Well-being

The health and well-being of our Dolphins is very important!  If your swimmer is not feeling well and is experiencing symptoms of illness such as cough, fever, congestion, stomach illness or other symptoms, please do not bring your child to practice or swim meets.  Please check the box to indicate that you agree to keep your swimmer at home if they are not feeling well.

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